7 Must See Places in Sri Lanka that Nailed it in 2019

Widely popular for their cinnamon, rich culture, first female prime minister, origin of the word serendipity from their olden country’s name and abundant with the tastiest fruits in the world. Take your summer or next vacation in Sri Lanka in this virtual trip about their scenic landscapes and monuments. 

1. Sigiriya 

A rock fortress that soars 660 feet high, called “lion’s rock” in english, greets you with two lion paws from the entrance. As you make your way to the top, you can see numerous beautiful frescoes that depicted the lives of the previous folks who were guessed to be Kasyapa’s wives, concubines and other female acquaintances he had in the past. Around the area, you can see the wonderful landscapes and every kind of garden. 

2. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Watch how beautiful wildlife comes together in this elephant orphanage. This facility helps protect the species, nurses and captive breeding. Currently it’s on its way to housing one hundred elephants where they get well attended schedules of daily activities and support from the local caretakers. 

3. Udawale National Park

A sanctuary for wild animals surrounded by a vast grassland. These animals are peacefully living in these areas and you can get to see their day by riding on a jeep accompanied by a tourist. The most prevalent animals you get to see are elephants. Next to them are crocodiles, exotic birds, buffalo, lizards and more. Apart from animals, you get to see the wonderful amounts of plants and flowers scattered everywhere to adore. 

4. Nine Arch Bridge

One of the best examples of a colonial-era built construction is the railway found in Ella, the Nine Arch Bridge or The Bridge in The Sky. Built only with rocks, bricks and cement, it stands at 80 feet and goes 300 feet long. You can choose to ride on the train that passes by here or travel on your own feet. Witness the magnificent greenlife and peaceful atmosphere around  the railway. 

5. Little Adam’s Peak

One of every hiker, mountaineer and tourist’s favorite spot to visit. The Little Adam’s Peak is also located in Ella where the Nine Arch Bridge can also be founded. A mountain so rich in it’s innate landscape and feel of nature that when you’re being photographed here, you’ll look like you just popped off an adventure video game or a professional travel vlogger. A sight so unbelievable that you feel graciously rewarded on your trekking journey. The peak itself is 1,141 meters high and any part of the day can still give that treasured memory of this place. 

6. Temple of the Sacred Tooth

Home of the Buddha’s tooth, the area is surrounded by monks and people who wish to pay their respects or send personal prayers. Going around as a visitor, you can tour around the main temple, shrine and museums. Upon entering this temple yourself, first you must take off your shoes and wear garments that will cover your skin. After then, you get to see wall paintings of a short story about the sacred tooth, architecture masked in delicate gold colors, marble flooring, Buddha statues and alters. 

7. Golden Temple of Dambulla 

This cave temple is the largest and one of the most well preserved in Sri Lanka. It is also the spiritual center of the country. At the front gate, you can see huge golden statue of Buddha and a golden stupa. On your way climbing up the staircase, there are monkeys laying around or eating flowers. There are five caves bear Buddha statues lined up next to each other. Adorned with murals and patterns of Buddha each unique to their own. 

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