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5 Amazing Facts about Sri Lanka of All Time

One of the most peaceful places you can visit in South East Asia. Rich with natural resources and hospitable people who will not regret to show their bright smiles. A place so relaxing where you can see people go to bed early and rise up at the same time as the sun rises. 

But what makes Sri Lanka all the more lovable is their wide flavors of dishes, colorful art pieces and religious culture that will captivate you even more. 

Sri Lanka holds the title for being the home of cinnamon. Formerly called “ceylon”, this spice brings life to famous dishes, pastries and homemade food that will touch your soul. Fragrant, has a distinctive delicious taste and hits you with the right amount of spice. A staple in every chef’s spice rack and an organic healthy medication good for cholesterol or diabetes. 

From good food to great education, the country is proud of their high literacy rate in the world and still holds it up in 2020. Being able to read is one of the greatest things one can achieve. Reading is a basic human right and looking through education or the process of learning, even those in unlikely situations still have opportunities ahead of them because of their ability to read. Having a country with its citizens having an above average literacy rate in the world proves their advancement and care in education. 

A large variety of animals is something that Sri Lanka also boasts, especially their elephants. This kind and big mammal is considered sacred that killing one receives death penalty. Amazingly they also help the logging operations in some areas. Found in nature parks and their habitats, Sri Lankan elephants roam free with hundred of herds that bring cultural and economic value in tourism for the country. 

In the 1960s, the world had their first female prime minister in Sri Lanka. Sirimiva Bandaranaike served in three different terms where her last involvement in her role was exercised in the year 2000. She brought contributions to women’s and children’s rights. Becoming an important matriarchal figure in politics. Following her late husband’s programs in socialist economic policies, neutrality in international relations and etc. 

The country is also abundant with beautiful waterfalls. Hydropower electricity is quite common with the locals, most of the dams or reservoirs can be seen Mahaweli, Laxapana and Samanala. These natural energy sources have made the country environmentally friendly and helps keep the biodiversity with the wild.